US-Mexico relations: Challenges Ahead / Carlos Pérez-Verdía – UnderSecretary for North America Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Moderator: Reggie Thompson, Latin America Analyst.

Carlos Pérez-Verdía – UnderSecretary for North America Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Carlos Pérez Verdía is an Economist from de Universidad Iberoamericana and holds a Economics from de Univeristy of Chicago. SInce July 28th 2015, he serves as Subsecretary for North America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also in this Ministry, he previously served as Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has held various positions at Banco de México (Mexico´s Central Bank), including Manager for Domestic Operations. He also served as Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund representing Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In the academic sector, he held teaching positions and was Research Assistant in Economics as the University of Chicago. He published, together with Serge Jenneau, the article “Reducing financial vulnerability: the development of the domestic government bond market in Mexico” in BIS Quarterly Review. He has also coauthored, with Leandro Arellano, “Mexico´s Foreign Policy 2012-2018”, published by Instituto Matías Romero.

Reggie Thompson, Latin America Analyst

Reggie Thompson serves as a Latin America analyst, focusing on political and security developments in Latin American and Caribbean at Stratfor. Particular areas of concentration include Latin American drug trafficking and security issues, along with Venezuelan and Mexico domestic and foreign policy relations. Mr. Thompson studied political science and communication at Trinity University and holds a master’s degree in international affairs from Texas A&M University. Additionally, he is a native speaker of Spanish and English. He has lived and worked in Honduras and the United States, including as a reporter for a Texas-based publication prior to joining Stratfor.​