Mario Valle
Director Business Development Emerging Markets @ Electronic Arts
Casa México
Saturday 12

Mexico 2030: The King of the Emerging World

  2:00 - 2:45 PM

Electronic Arts
Despite the ups and downs during the last couple of years in what the WW economy authorities have called “Emerging Markets”, there are 3 realities that will not change in the next 15 years and beyond: 1. Innovation in the tech fields is not going to stop, 2. Mexico will still be south the border of US (wall or not wall there, btw) 3. The US Hispanic population will grow (even in the lower forecast) above 70 million. The opportunity for Mexico and the US Hispanics to become a true king of the emerging world has never been so clear. Are we up for the challenge? Yes, if we play more videogames. (I’ll explain why ;))