Peek & Toland Law Firm



Peek and Toland, PLLC is a leading   Texas   immigration firm with
offices   in Austin and Houston. We provide  excellent  personalized
and customized   legal  immigration services  and  over 15 years  of
legal  experience  offering  immigration solutions for businesses,
individuals  and families .  Our staff is culturally diverse and includes
lawyers from Mexico and Europe  that are  trained  to understand
the   legal and cultural  challenges of  transferring  families and
companies to the United States.  We  represent  companies   in the
areas  of information technology, logistics  and  energy located
world-  wide.    We are   also   part  of the   funding legal  committee
of the Texas  European Chamber of Commerce in Texas  assisting
with immigration issues  for European companies  and families
moving  to Texas.